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About Us

PegasusMaiden is a team of artisans who specialize in creating unique craft goods with traditional materials. Our aim is to take the prep work out of crafting by doing the washing, sorting, selecting and size/color matching of materials so artisans and Do It Yourself (D.I.Y.) enthusiasts can pick up our supplies and start on their projects immediately. Our online store sells a signature line of modified craft goods personalized for artisans who do small specialty projects in addition to a variety of classic craft supplies. These projects include DIY weddings and engagement parties, fascinators, millinery and hand-made projects for retail.

PegasusMaiden is owned and operated by Aerisk, our parent company. Aerisk operates using six core values:

  1. Be adventurous when facing challenges.
  2. Inspire creativity to pursue change and innovation.
  3. Build integrity through open communication.
  4. Create an inviting customer experience.
  5. Facilitate team solidarity with trust and care.
  6. Be humble in success.

At Aerisk, I am the owner, Nancy Wong. My goal is to create a benefiting relationship between my business, customers and my local community. Success would mean that my company and I are at liberty to help others reach their success instead of worrying about our own. We firmly believe that by helping fellow artisans, crafters and DIY enthusiasts, we are helping ourselves achieve this goal. We began our venture as a creative outlet and have since put in hard work and dedication into changing our love into a business in a position to give back to our community of fellow artisans. We have created a business on the cusp of expansion. We have found that by assisting others, we are able to find others willing to assist us in our growth. This mutual relationship of assisting has helped us foster a full time employee and two part time helpers. We will expand our work force to bring jobs back into our community and improve the lives of our neighbors. We will create venues for our customers and fellow artisans to generate revenue and bring life back into our downtown. We have developed a plan and are implementing it to make strides in this direction.

In our family, we have a serious work ethic and mutual respect and trust in each other. Having respect and open communication with our employees creates trust in our efforts and vision. We have found and fostered a team of people that understand the work culture and we are proud to see them approaching work with enthusiasm. Our sense of success also extends t our customers, with whom we are striving to provide an inviting shopping experience. With the support of our local and online community, we recognize the importance of customer satisfaction and pride without losing our own humility as we grow. We take customer feedback seriously and often develop new product lines superior in quality while being competitively priced based on customer input. We offer near wholesale pricing without the low wholesale quality. This has reinforced the communication and sense of mutual growth that many of our customers feel while shopping with us.

Since developing an official business plan with Michelle Erickson in 2009, we have created and implemented numerous changes. Our focus and direction has allowed us to put 100% into growing our company while remaining humble - one of our core values. In addition, we ensure that our supplies are socially responsible. Our feathers are cruelty free, our jewelry findings are tested to ensure they are lead free and we ensure our workforce is employed here in America. The next few years, our goal is to expand our local workforce and expedite our ability to give back to our community.

As the owner, I am very proud of what we have accomplished.

-Nancy Wong