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Absinthe Green Star Filigree Pendant (1 Pendant)


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 The items shown here are acrylic beads on a filigree pendant backing. It is a craft item popularly used for making fantasy jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, masks, hats, garters, earrings, headdresses, circlets, hairbands and hair clips. These beautiful pendants are ideal for adding a splash of color to costumes, wedding favors, keepsake gifts, party favors, reception decorations and parties. DIY crafters can add their own touch of style by stitching, heat bonding or gluing this item onto their project.

* Quantity: 1 Star filigree pendant
* Color: Absinthe Green
* Width: 1¼ inches (~3 cm)
* Length: 1¼ inches (~3 cm)
* Gem size: ⅞ inch (~2¼ cm)
* Material: Acrylic bead and filigree pendant
* Hand made, sorted for quality and uniformity in size and shape.
* Our products are stored in a dry, dark and smoke free environment.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 15 August, 2013.