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Apple Red Striped Feather Appliqué


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 The item shown here is a dyed striped partridge / grouse feather pad. It is soft, supple and will naturally bend to fit well with the contours of a hair piece. The beautiful feather applique comes assembled as seen in the photo. The feathers are adhered to a durable fabric backing in a complementary color. The feather applique is not attached to a hair clip or headband, though you can purchase these separately.

It is a craft item popularly used for hats, headbands, headdresses and hair accessories. It is ideal for adding a splash of color to wedding hair pieces, bouquets, costumes and masks. They are also a wonderful bit of color for baby hairpieces. DIY crafters can add their own touch of style by stitching, heat bonding or gluing this item onto their project.

While removal of the feathers from a pad is possible, our shop does not recommend doing this as damage my occur to the feathers in the process.

* Quantity: 1 Feather applique per order
* Width: 4 - 4½ inches (~10 - 12 cm)
* Length: 5 - 5½ inches (~13 - 14 cm)
* All of our feather appliques are properly commercially washed.
* Each applique is hand checked to insure that all feathers are properly adhered.
* Our feathers are stored in a dry, dark and smoke free environment.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 17 September, 2013.